A Critical Analysis Of Cabrera's Sabel

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The painting exhibits Cabrera’s chief subject on most of his works, Sabel. The artist emphasized the face of Sabel, which is plain but full of emotions. He made use of primary and bright colors contrasted with dark background directing the eyes of the viewers to Sabel’s face. At first look, the work has an impression of grief, loneliness, and madness. The lines are geometric and abstracted, arranged in a diagonal and curvilinear manner. The curvilinear lines give an affective, natural feeling. On the other hand, the geometric and abstracted lines present a rhythmic feeling as portrayed by the white blanket in the image. Moreover, there are soft lines which help create tenderness and warmth in the painting, as seen in Sabel’s hair and in her red blanket. The diagonal lines provide spontaneity, because they stimulate…show more content…
With one’s past experiences and background information about Sabel, a viewer can state what is happening in the artwork. Looking strictly at the elements used, the painting expresses a mood of peace and at the same time, solitude and isolation. In my case, the artwork somehow reminds me of the times I felt alone and left behind, when nobody seemed to care about me. On the other hand, a lot of feeling could burst out while looking longer at the artwork. Another feeling is madness, when you cannot think of anybody to talk to, you feel like you are going crazy because you are not able to release all of your thoughts and feelings that are kept inside you. The same kind of pain manifested in the facial expression of Sabel. The most distinguishable feature that captured Sabel’s emotion is her eyes which present a prick of intense emotion. BenCab has perfectly portrayed the sentiment of Sabel which is passed to the viewers where they can relate to. While observing it even more closely, the artist himself is trying to convey while feeling lonesome and insanity, one can also achieve calmness and

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