A Critical Analysis Of Cyrano By Rostand

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Through Rostand’s poetic writing, the author exemplifies the protagonist’s noble soul by Cyrano’s use of grand gestures to show his bravery, selflessness and loyalty. When Roxane confronts Cyrano with the idea of protecting Christian from the other cadets, she then refers to his bravery in fighting one hundred men and then responds with “I have shown more since" (Rostand 47). Although Cyrano loves Roxane but Roxane loves Christian he promises Roxane to protect Christian because he loves her and wants what is best for her. Roxane has arrived to the battlefield and Christian has been shot, so Cyrano lies to Christian telling him “I’ve told her everything. It’s you And only you, she loves—no matter what”(106) in order for Christian to know he was loved. Cyrano is showing his loyalty to Christian by telling him that Roxane still loves him and that is how it will always be. Cyrano is struck by a wooden block so he is then taken to his room, bandaged up, and left alone; he gets up when he is not supposed to and Roxane says “will he be late for once?” (116).
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