A Critical Analysis Of Emerson With Self-Reliance

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Emerson with "Self-Reliance" poem created the portret of hiself and get the conclusion for all mens and what they will have to be virtues and courage or charity. In two years early Dickens 's work showed the same theme about men and Emerson followed him with more details how the men can be in entiere life at home, work, church, with others and family. The quotation in line 552 Emerson get together the thinking for a man and put equal sing for all mens in the good way for us to believe stronger what he evocate about men. This is a form of writing that Emerson used to be more positive and making an Intellectual statement as" The agreat genius returns to essential man." he said to put the poor men in good situation. In that line we see the presure he put to call" poor" and " good" as a simple words with more power as the mens are in daily activities. With that Emerson needed to push all mens in the society to be advances and changed for more civilized and support for more work to be done from mens in America. Emerson mentions two qualities which stande together and grouth the kindness to honor the men. He trust hiself and neded to spraide the quality he has to others with very smothy words as " You will soon love what is dictated by your nature as well as mine, and, if we follow the truth, it will bring us out safe at last." He is doing that in the name of the God and thinking not as a selfishly, but with humbly and truly to wake up the interest of mens to be absolute truth

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