A Critical Analysis Of Iqbal Vs. Wordsworth

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Iqbal and Wordsworth have written verses for humanity to sooth its bleeding heart. And in this nuclear age the importance of their verses have increased many folds. Both the poets believe that nature is the only source which can provide peace and harmony to men in this nuclear age. The beauty of nature can remind man it’s true nature which it had received from its forefathers, who lived in peace and harmony in this world. The thought and message of Iqbal and Wordsworth is for all ages. Both the poets craved for the betterment of humanity. Man, according to them, has buried his heart with greed and hatred. He has forget the lessons which taught him to love humanity, share love for mankind, work for the welfare of humanity; he was a peace ambassador and could save humanity at the cost of his own life. In this nuclear age the importance of love for the mankind and the responsibility of sharing it has increased to great extent. This planet of ours has become unfit for peaceful living, everywhere blood is being spilled for material gains and to satiate the soul of devil. This paper will prove that the importance and relevance of both the poets have increased multiple times in this nuclear age. Key words: Nature, Nuclear age, Scientific laboratory, Man, Peace and Harmony, Soul, Spirituality. Main Argument Great poets are born for all ages. Their message is universal and their lines become eternal lines with each passing day. They wake up people from deep slumber ; prepare them

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