A Critical Analysis Of Silent Spring, By Rachel Carson

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Silent spring was published in 1962 and written by the brilliant Rachel Carson. Inside this environmental science book, the excess use of pesticides is documented and condemned. Silent Spring shows the effects humans can have in the natural world mainly focusing on the use of pesticides. This chemicals not only affect certain targets but the whole nature chain. Though it is primarily a scientific book, it is really easy to read and has a literary touch. This is what makes it approachable not only to the Scientifics but also to general public. Rachel Carson directs to the popular audience and not only the limited scientific one. She knew that for a complete society change regarding the use of pesticides, the general public is as or more important than the specific scientific public. A big effort had to be made in order to accomplish this goal. Apart from the obvious convincing scientific arguments describing the evident problem (the issue with pesticides) ,the use of a standard language, of anecdotes and the development of solutions, made the public view negatively the constant attacks of the chemical industry to a sincere woman who only wanted to safe the environment. The effectiveness of silent spring in generating a public opposition to pesticides was mainly because of the incorporation of real life situations of how pesticides negatively impacted the environment, avoiding theoretical speculations. This is what makes the book open to popular public and not only to

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