A Critical Analysis Of The Lament And Report To Wordsworth

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How do Lament and Report to Wordsworth strongly convey feelings about human destruction of the natural world? By: Jasmine Neale Destruction, the action of damaging something so immensely that it can never be repaired or replaced. This is what our world has come to in the past 50 years, more and more of nature’s wonders are being destroyed for mankind’s pleasure, and to supply the demands of our population. However, with the power of our minds and the media, there is a possibility of the defeat of human destruction to our natural world. But because we live in such a materialistic world, such a disposable society, it will not happen anytime soon, the destruction of our planet is inevitable. Gillian Clarke’s Lament and Boey Kim Cheng’s Report to Wordsworth are both poems regarding the destruction of the natural world, in which humans are inflicting. They talk about not only the dying nature, but of the animals, and the irony of humans destroying their home planet.…show more content…
She wrote this poem to show her lament, her regret, for all man’s wrong doing, and how she grieves along with the whole human race for all the deaths of the people, creatures and the natural world. Similar to this is Report to Wordsworth by Boey Kim Cheng, who also talks about the natural world being taken over by mankind. In his poem, Cheng is responding to a poem by William Wordsworth, a famous writer who, during the Industrial Revolution, wrote a poem called Wordsworth to Milton, in which he degraded the changes that society was fulfilling as if they were unrealistic, shameless and
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