A Critical Analysis Of William Bryant: On Fear

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WILLIAM BRYANT On Fear William Bryant. born in 1980, graduated from the University of Harvard and later received his masters from Yale University. He studied Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics, and has been in a professor at Stanford University since 2008. However, Bryant also has multiple publications including books, articles, and essays. Some of his most famous works include The Mind in its Natural Environment (1996), Fear’s Control on the Mind (2000), and Manipulating the World for Your Success (2011). A self proclaimed analyst of the complex actions of humans, Bryant draws his examples from situations he has witnessed and experienced first hand. The intricate detail and description of each scene illustrates a visual for the reader and allows them to truly understand and believe his argument. The businessman in the corner of the crowded plaza stands impatiently; waiting for his brother to meet him to walk together to the nearest bar. Slouched, he leans against the brick pillar of a small pizza shop. His once wrinkle-free, fresh smelling, dark blue blazer suddenly looks aged around his shoulders as the sun sinks into the earth. A long day in the office siphoned his energy and left him especially drowsy this evening. The brown leather shoes on his feet began to feel like barbed wire; he could not wait much longer. Each tick of the rusted clock tower seemed to come at an ever-slowing rate. At last, a gentleman matching the

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