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In week 13 lesson, we had learnt about branding. Branding is a perception or an identification that we assign to the products we know and we use. Brand meaning, ideas and image are what marketing communication delivers to brands. The perception and brand meaning is the thing a brand has that can’t be copied. Every brand has different perception and brand meaning at the market. Competitors can make a similar product and service, but it’s difficult for them to make the same brand because brand meaning is built on personal impressions but not on a product or service. Branding is also marketing practice of creating a name, symbols or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. Brand image and the impressions, feelings…show more content…
In this case study, I had chosen Apple as my brand and I will discuss about it. First component in branding is brand identity, it is the most important component for a brand, and it is how brand strategists want the brand to be perceived. A critical function of branding is to create a separate brand identity for a product within a product category. Brand identity is normally referred to the brand name, symbol, slogan and logo. Apple Company use a simple and easy remember brand name ‘Apple’ as their brand name, all of us know the word ‘apple’ since childhood and it is easy to pronounce and remember. Even we can translate it to others language, in Chinese we call it as ‘ping guo’ and when we say about that word we know is Apple Company. The used an apple as a logo and symbol for the brand, the apple logo had been bite out is because the designer said the bite of the apple was added to ensure it resembled an apple and not a cherry. The bite also symbolized knowledge and was a reference to the computer term byte. The logo of Apple Company is simple and easy to recognize compare to others complicated logo design. The slogan of Apple also help out the brand identity, they come out with the slogan ‘Think Different’. Apple want the audience to think different from others, the word ‘ think’ had be use for many company slogan because it persuasive audience to think about their company and…show more content…
For example, a company uses a common name that is unrelated with the product category. Apple Company had use the word ‘apple’ for their brand name which is don’t have any related with computer and electronic product. In the market, there is no electronic product’s company using a name that is not related with their products. For example, Samsung Company uses ‘Samsung’ as their brand name which is match and related to their products. When Apple Company uses ‘Apple’ as their brand name, it will make the audience feel curious why an electronic product company using a fruit name as their brand name and it success to attract the audience attention. Their logo also very special and distinctive, the designer also draws out an apple as their logo. Again, the logo is has no relate with their product and the special part is the apple logo is not a normal apple, but it got a bite. The designer said it will make the apple look juicy and delicious, it will attract audience’s attention. Others than that, the Apple store also a distinctive part of Apple Company. Their Apple store’s design is the same at all the outlet and country. They have a special design for their Apple store so consumer also can recognize their brand through their

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