A Critique Of The Book The Gift Of Sex By Clifford And Joyce Penner Book Critique

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This paper is a critique of the book “The Gift of Sex” written by Clifford & Joyce Penner. In today’s culture, the physical and spiritual aspect of sex is neglected. According to the authors sex is an emotional and spiritual act, involving the body, soul, and spirit, the total person. The sexual relationship between a husband and wife is connected to the strong intimate relationship of man and God. Knowing this will bring fulfillment and freedom in marriage and in God. Sexual release is one of the many aspects to a sexual relationship between man and wife. There can be many hindrances that happen in a married couples’ relationship; there is help and hope for them. Sexual blocks can be devastating to a marriage if a partner is battling them. Couples must embrace the different nuances of each other, as this allows a comprehensive understanding when these blocks occur, Help for the couples is there for taking, with the right attitude towards the sexual relationship and each other, they can get over any sexual dissatisfaction. The Penners book has opened this female’s mind into the gift of sexuality and the biblical authority on the subject of sex in marriage. Within the marital covenant the bible gives a pro-sex message and explains how beautiful and wonderful a sexual relationship can be. This review will analyze the five themes of the book in the order that they appear, while summarizing the Penners work. Keywords: sexual, relationship, intimate, physical,

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