A Critique Of Wesley Smith's Arguments Against Euthanasia

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Although care options for terminally ill patients are very limited, it is up to the patient and their loved ones to make it their priority to decide which care option is best. While assisted suicide has often came up for debate for the best option with the least amount of pain and suffering, Wesley Smith believes otherwise and has a very different opinion. He believes in giving terminally ill patients the best options that could have less suffering and prolong their life for many more years. He goes up to debate with Arthur Caplan who states that aid in dying should be considered and become a legal practice. Smith goes against Caplan’s argument by stating “we can validly criticize those who, for whatever reason, make it easier or acceptable…show more content…
For example, Smith’s personal feelings are further seen in his statement saying “Supporting another’s self-destruction … sends an unintentional but clear message to the person: Yes, your life is no longer worth living; you are a burden; you are better off dead (and we’re better off with you dead, too)” (Smith 8). Smith is basically and obviously testing the reader’s soft-heartedness with this statement by suggesting that one might think this at one point in the chaos of your loved one being sick. It strongly shows that making the best and most accurate choice of care after being done with treatments, that are not working any longer, is critical. Even though Smith disagrees with the care choice that Caplan suggests and thinks there are plenty of better options, Smith is still respectful towards Caplan and doesn’t bash him for his views. Smith suggests and believes in giving terminally ill patients both hope and the care of Hospice. He proposed that there should be an option of using Hospice Care to help reduce pain and ease the suffering, but also allowing the patient to continue with treatment or chemotherapy at the same
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