A Cultural Analysis Of The Amish Community

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A Cultural Analysis of the Amish Community
The Amish Community are a unique and fascinating community with a distinct culture and way of life that is easily distinguished from any other population. Their deep rooted religious beliefs and Amish faith is what their entire culture is built upon and is the basis for their entire way of life. The Amish’s customs are in place in order to “maintain the purity and unity of the community.” (Hostetler 22) The Amish is a notable society that has always drawn attention and interest from the outside world due to their uniqueness and the richness of their history, culture, traditions, and somehow, they have managed to preserve their way of life through generations in a world so full of modernization, technology, and change.
The Amish are a diverse group of people, who dress modestly and speak a Pennsylvania Dutch dialect. They are a congregation of people who are deeply committed to their religion, and have church districts throughout the United States and parts of Canada. Each district is generally 30-40 families, each district represents their faith as the leaders of see fit. Adult baptism and communion are the absolute highest priority in their faith. Communion is held twice a year where they atone for their past sins and confirm their pledge to the Amish faith. One of the most prominent leaders was Jakob Ammann, whose beliefs and practices are the foundation of the Amish communities you see today. Examples of some of his most notable
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