A Curse In Lou's Life

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“Words cannot change anything. Oz can believe if he wants to. But he doesn’t know any better.” (Lou 108) Lou’s life has been completely altered with the accident. She wants to forget any memories of her parents, so that she doesn’t have to deal with pain that they cause. In her mind, reading the letters would be showing that she has hope and love for her parents, but she just wants to forget their very existence. “But you had a fine daddy. A man who loved you. And I know that makes it all the harder to get by, and that’s both a blessing a curse that we all just got to bear in this life. But the thing is, Billy Davis got to live with his daddy ever day. I’d ruther be in your shoes. And I know Billy Davis would. I pray for them children ever day and you should too.” (Louisa 187) Lou doesn’t understand why Billy is hostile towards her. She feels that she didn’t deserve to lose her father, but realizes that it is better than having a father who won’t even feed you. Lou feels sympathy for him, and now understands why Billy is like that.…show more content…
And he goes round with that fat roll of dollar bills, and got this nice farm, and and all them fancy machinery, and man let his family starve.” (Louisa 243) This quote shows why George Davis is such a bad human being. He is making all of this coin on an illegal trade, and won’t even give his family a dime for food that they desperately need. Is the human representation of evil. Lou understands why George hates her family because all he wants is money. His whole life revolves around
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