A Day I Will Never Forget Essay

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Death is something that has to be accounted for so cherish the time with your loved ones so there will be no regrets. April 24, 2011 is a day that I will never forget. My grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic can April 3, 2011 and she was given 3 weeks to live. This was a very hectic time for myself and my family. April 15, 2011 I arrived in Helena, Arkansas to my grandmother Ethel Mae-Valley Bowman 's bedside. I was so scared to go into her room when arriving because I had never seen her so weak, she was always a very strong and independent woman. She raised 20 plus kids over her lifetime and never needed anyone for anything. But as I sat by her bedside and talked to her I remember asking her who I was, she responded by saying chat. Then my uncle and some other…show more content…
April 23,2011 myself, Herion, and Prentis decided to drive 2 hours away to one of our cousins house just to get a break from the situation. We all went out that night and had a great time. Knowing that my grandmother was in bad shape we got up early in the a.m to go back to her house. An hour on the road my phone rings, then my heart skipped a beat as it became hard for me to breath and tears rolled down my face. All I could do was drop my phone, I could talk to even communicate with my two cousins in the car that the time had came. Prentis who was driving stopped the car in the middle of the highway because she just new from my reactions what had happened. Heroin crouched over in the backseat and remained there the rest of the ride. That next hour was silent as we drove to our grandmothers house. I new the time was coming but I wasn 't ready. When I got to her house the thing that killed me the most was my cousin coming to me, and telling me she kept asking for me when she was taking her last couple of
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