A Day In The Texas Venue-Personal Narrative

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It was a sun filled day, although it was humid the air was brisk as expected in its early May fashion. A wind of a years ' worth of heart filled sweat and anxiety all resulting in this one spring day in early May running through our central Texas venue. A list of needs, worries, and if the will be enough and if the food will be up to par, all running through my mind and at the same time pacing front to back as if this list of things was actually necessary to express the love that was already made apparent when a man knelt on one knee and proposed I be his wife.

You dream of this day as a young girl from the first time you see a wedding dress. In its white glory scarring a memory into your heart that ceases every emotion and commits you into the long dreamed up pre-ideals of all that this day would be. And all today has been has been worth that excruciating life long wait. The venue, a quaint spot in the Texas hill country, a beacon of all that today represents, life pouring with every turn. The birds in the air, the flowers blooming to the sky, and the laughter resonating throughout the venue. I have seen family, coming and going, well wishes filling the air and all I can seem to bring my mind to now is that one walk down the aisle. My mind full of needs and worries slowly escaping the realms of my thoughts and focusing now on that walk to a lifelong marriage. The smell of sweet lavander candles fills the room as I prepare to walk down the aisle. Getting prepared to show myself to my awaiting husband. We begin to get in
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The air now cooling to its nights normal and the stars stating to break though the moonlight. It has almost come to an end. The first of many moments spent together, and in a room filled with many people, in this moment its just me and
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