A Day No Dog Character Analysis

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What kind of animal(s) do you have? All animals, domestic and wild, are unique in their own way. Many animals have many similarities and differences.

In the story, “A Day No Pigs Would Die”, the main character, Robert Peck, receives his very own pig named Pinky. Most pigs are pink, white, or black. They have little fiber hairs. They absolutely love the mud. Pigs are famous for being farm animals. They have a circular snout, chubby body, and a little curly tail. The noise that they make goes “Oink, Oink.”

I have a kitten named Garfield. Cats are very independent. They can have one color or numerous colors, ranging from black to orange. They have longer fur than a pig. Cats have whiskers, a long tail, and claws. The noise of a cat is “meow.”
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They have four legs and a tail. Both are meat eaters. Cats and pigs are mammals.

They differences about cats and pigs, is that if the pig is not a family pet; can’t have babies, then the next best option for it is butchering. Cats get the privilege to live until they pass of old age, get sick, or something else happens to them. Pigs are used for ham and bacon. Cats are used for pets or workers to get rid of mice.

Robert got the amazing privilege that I get to experience everyday with my cat, for quite sometime. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Losing Pinky was hard for Robert but he has the memories like I will have when it is Garfield’s time to go. Never knew different animals could have so many
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