Robert Peck's A Day No Pigs Would Die

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Robert Peck from A Day No Pigs Would Die had to do many different chores and tasks because they need to be completed. The book expresses an important theme, doing what needs to be done, and today this theme still fits in with kids doing their chores around their parents’ house, helping their Grandparents, as well as other tasks. Robert’s Father was always doing things that needed done whether he liked doing them or not (Peck, 1977). The introduction states that Rob accompanied his father Haven, around their ranch by completing his chores and many other tasks (Peck, 1977). Rob’s Father is very much the same and he gets up every day except for Sunday (He went to Shaker meetings) and he went and butchered pigs for a living(Peck, 1977). Rob and his father both had missions in their life. Rob’s mission in life was doing his chores each day before he departed his family’s house for school (Peck, 1977). Haven’s mission in life was to butcher pigs until they owned the land that they were living on (Peck, 1977). One of the first examples of Rob doing something that needed to be done was him helping their neighbor Ben Tanner’s Cow give birth after skipping school (Peck, 1977). Kids today also help with doing things that need finished. Relating back to the beginning of this paragraph kids today also get summer jobs and they work on every day of the week except for Sunday. Today, if they live out on a…show more content…
Rob’s father as well as he kept going and doing all of the things that needed to be done even in the hardest of times. Kids today also have to do things that they don’t want to do, but they are the things that need to be done wherever that they live or work. Kids Also have some hard times throughout their life that are pretty hard however, they just keep on moving on even when they think that they need to give
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