A Day No Pigs Would Die

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Do you have a pet? I do and so does Robert. In English class we read A Day No Pigs Would Die. It 's about a boy named Robert, his pet was is Pinky, a pig. My pet is Sparky, a dachshund. There are so many differences between the two pets. I 'll be talking about where they sleep, personality, and what kind of pet they are. So let 's get started.

Both Pinky and Sparky sleep. But, they sleep in different places. Pinky sleeps in a barn. Sparky sleeps in a house. Pinky sleeps in an area of the barn. Sparky sleeps in my bed. He 's like my roommate.

They both are pets. Pinky is a pig. Sparky is a dog. In the book A Day No Pigs Would Die, Pinky 's skin is compared to pink cotton. Sparky 's brown fur is, soft like a teddy bear.
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