A Day's Wait Short Story Analysis

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Many characters in stories express excitement or pain in a way. In “A Stolen Day” it states, “I limped painfully away.” This explains that the boy has pain from running.(Anderson) In “A Day’s Wait”, it articulates, "I 've got a headache." (Hemingway) Both of the characters in the stories are feeling somewhat pain in a way of being sick. Schatz and the boy in the fables express a lot of feelings being sick and how they handle it. The boy wants attention from his family, meanwhile Shatz doesn’t want attention and also doesn’t really care if his father helps him or not. According to the facts stated in “A Day’s Wait”, the boy is faking sick. The boy was tired and sore from running a mile at school, therefore the boy is faking it because he is feeling sore and wants to get attention from his family and friends. There are several similarities and differences of both boys and the ways of how they are feeling. There are similarities in comparing the two boys in the stories. Both of the young boys are “sick” in some way. One boy has a fever with a temperature of one-hundred and two, while the other one thinks that he has inflammatory rheumatism of being sore and hurting. “I limped painfully away. I kept on limping until I got out of the schoolhouse street.”(A Stolen Day) Also, a similarity between the two children is that they both assume that they are going to die from being “sick”. (Hemingway & Anderson)But thinking into reality, it is false deliberating into what they were

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