A Deadly Plague In Central America Summary

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“Plague in Central America,” by Arana Xajila, in the years of 1519-1560 talks about a deadly plague that derives from Europe to Mesoamerica (Central America) and spreads throughout Central America. This plague had spread to the people of Central America when their tribe, Cakchiquels, were fighting against the Spaniards. The Spaniards that were fighting in the tribe had passed on this deadly plague to the Cakchiquels tribe who then passed it on to others in Central America. This plague can be known as the influenza (flu). This deadly virus was spreading rapidly and soon everyone in Central America were affected. This deadly disease that spread from Europe to Central America had caused people much suffering and ultimately was the cause of their …show more content…

One being the Bubonic Plague, also known as the Black Death, was the deadliest disease in 1346-1353. However, there were a few outbreaks since then. This disease had spread across Europe. The symptoms of the bubonic plague were quite severe. People suffering from this disease, “died quickly-sometimes overnight-and in great agony, coughing up blood and oozing pus and blood from ugly black sores the size of eggs” (Tignor 407). The victims struggling with this disease had coughed up blood and had terrible sores all over their bodies. This led to them dying as quick as the same night they were infected. This disease spread throughout Europe killing millions of people. The deadly plague in Central America had come from Europe. Xajila describes the symptoms of this deadly plague as, “there was a cough, then the blood was corrupted, and the urine became yellow” (Pomeranz 74). The victims struggling from this plague had also coughed up blood and their urine became yellow. There were many deaths due to this plague and it had killed people immediately with this illness. I think that this plague in Central America had been a similar disease to the Bubonic Plague or it can be said that the illness in Central America was the Bubonic Plague considering the fact that the deadly plague did come from Europe where the Bubonic Plague was originated from and where there were millions of people affected. I find this source credible because during this time there were many plagues, the deadliest being the bubonic plague. Further, during this period, there were many plagues that resulted in mass

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