A Defining Moment Essay

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The day has finally come. We’ve been preparing, training, and working hard for this moment. The moment to show each and every person out there that we deserve to be here. The moment to show every person who didn’t have the faith when we did. The moment to hold our heads up high and look to the people who have and have not supported us throughout this journey. The moment to be one as a team and fight the fight I always knew we could. On this night, we will not hold grudges. We will not fight dirty. And we will not retaliate. We will win. We will win not through the success of our revenge, but through the success of our teamwork. We will work together. Because we are not just a football team. We are the football team. We are the football team that…show more content…
I’ve seen each of you struggle. But I have seen all of you rise from those failures. Your team has carried you when you were down and guided you through each of these experiences. You are all fighters, and you are all more ready for this moment than you will ever be. This moment will not define you. This moment will define us. We as a team have brought change and we must continue to bring this change even after we have stepped off of that field. I look around this room and I see faces that have changed so much in such a short time. You have all learned so much from not only each other, but from yourselves. You have learned to trust. You have learned to be courageous. You have learned to support. And you have learned how to be a team. I only hope that you have learned as much from me as I have learned from you. Each one of you has taught me an important lesson which will forever stick with me. I don’t think I could be more proud of a group of people than I am in this moment. So, don’t do it for the people in the stands, or those who never believed, or even for me, do it for yourselves and for this team. Do it for the hard work, the dedication, the blood, sweat, and

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