A Description Of The Muggle Quidditch In Harry Potter

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Muggle Quidditch The well-known game is played by wizards and witches in the magical world, having two teams of seven players riding flying broomsticks, using three different kinds of magical balls. Definitely, these all are the description of the sport called Quidditch in fictional novels, Harry Potter. Thinking of playing this magical sport in the world without magic is ridiculous, but unfortunately it has brought to life by muggles. Who actually are these muggles? The word “Muggle”, as defined in Harry Potter, is used to called the ordinary human who is incapable of performing magic. Therefore, Quidditch of the human who possessed none of magical power is called Muggle Quidditch. The Muggle Quidditch was created in 2005 at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont by Xander Manshel and Alex Benepe. It is first played in the United State of America and instantly spread across Europe and Americas. Moreover, in 2007 the first IQA World Cup, International Association Quidditch, was held in the United States with Middlebury taking the place of top team. It took place yearly in the United States until 2014 when the Global Games which is the world level Quidditch tournament, has been legitimated. Nowadays, Not only the Global Games but also many tournaments have been established around the world, for example, European Games, Canadian Nationals, and etc. Since Muggle Quidditch became popular across the world, there must be the specific rule for all the countries. As a

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