A Descriptive City: Rizhao, A Rising Port City

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It is often said that the most beautiful thing is water in the hometown. my name is GuoTiantian. today , I will take you to a beautiful coastal cities which named Rizhao.Then, Let me introduce you to Rizhao.“The city is the first to get the sunshine”,hence the name of Rizhao. Rizhao is a new ising port city located at the Shangdong Peninsula along the coast of the Yellow Seain the east,facing Yimeng Mountainous Area in the west ,Qingdao and Weifang in the north and Lian yungang in the south.Rizhao is a mew rising port city.It is famous for its blue sky,jade sea and golden beach.It is located at the southern end of Shangdong Peninsula along the middle part of Chinas coastal line.It is close to Qingdao in the north,neighbors Lianyungang in the south and faces Japan and Korea across the sea.The city of Rizhao covers an ares of 5310 square kilometers with the total population of2775million.The planned ares of the city is 294 square kilometers.And the built area is 36.1 square kilometers with the population of 290000.nn. Rizhao city was recognized by the United States as one of the most habitable cities in the world in 2009. It is a new rising coastal port city,which boasts time-honored history and culture, beautiful natural sceneries, unique custom and excellent ecological environment.With the objective of building a coastal city with international standard.recent years Rizhao Municipality has made great efforts to build Rizhao into a modern coastal Eco-city,University

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