A Descriptive Essay About A Football Mom

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The first day of any new adventure could be very nerve racking, especially for a new football mom. The fear of your child getting hurt and how well they will take the possible losses can be quite a bit of a roller coaster ride of emotions, but once you see them play on the field and see them get back up on their feet, with the determination to succeed in their eyes, brings a great feeling of achievement in a mother’s heart. The first game for a football mom is the most stressful, yet in a since one of the most rewarding feelings. I will never forget the first time I watch my son play his first football game. “COME ON, WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE, get your helmet and get in the car.” I nervously shouted. The feeling in the pit of my stomach was…show more content…
While driving down the road I glanced over at my beautiful daughter with her hair pulled up in a nice neat ponytail, her curls intact with a big grey and yellow bow on her head, her little grey skirt and sleeveless shield snug on her tiny body, her yellow and gold pompoms in her lap and the smile on her face while rehearsing her cheers, the fear of not succeeding and of the unknown started to become excitement. I looked back at my handsome son sitting in the backseat with his big shoulder pads on, his nice new haircut, sharp looking jersey that had the number 08 on it, his long socks with his brand new cleats on, and his helmet sitting on his lap while he tossed his football up and down, I wondered to myself where had all the time gone, my babies were growing…show more content…
My little man has the ball, he has the ball, he HAS THE BALL, an overwhelming feeling took over me and I could not contain the happiness, “GO,GO,GO,GOOOOOOOOOOOO, go, baby, GO!!!!!” The fear and nervousness that I had felt the last couple of hours had turned into pure adrenalin, so much excitement rushed through my body. “That’s my baby, let 's go, Rhodes,” I shouted as the announcer was announcing the plays.
Over the loud speaker the announcer, announces “Nice touchdown, #08 Eddie Rhodes, brings the first touchdown of the season, way to go Oilers.” Once Eddie was on the sidelines he shouted to me “See mom, I told you we were going to win, I love you, mom, I am OK.” I was so proud of him, and how well he and his team had come together. As the game continued the sound of the clanking helmets, the hoots, and hollers from the crowd and the cheer from the teammates, just intensified the excitement. Hearing the other moms cheer their kids on and seeing all the feelings of achievement in their eyes, made all of the stress of the “what ifs” go away. All the time and effort that we had put into football, was worth it. The first game was by far the most rewarding feeling as a parent, seeing how happy and independent your child is when doing something they
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