A Descriptive Essay On Worland High School Parking

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Worland High School Parking

(A Satiric Essay on Worland High School Parking)

So far this year, parking at Worland High School has been great. There are many reasons why it has been really good, but there are three major things that make me really love the parking. There are some bad things about WHS parking, but the good things make a much bigger list. Walking distance, big trucks, and great park jobs are all reasons why I love parking at Worland High School.

The first great thing about parking at WHS is the walking distance. I get to the school right before orange every day, so all the parking spots have been taken. I think this is really great though, because it makes me have to walk a pretty far distance. However, now that it’s getting much colder, I appreciate it
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They are painted on so well, with bright yellow paint, and I can clearly see where the lines are. It’s apparent to me that other students can see the lines clearly too. On my occasional bad day, I get to school and start looking for a place to park. I think I have found a spot, but I can’t seem to fit my car into the space. This happens because the student who parked there before me, used up two spaces. I don’t really understand how this happens, though, because the lines are painted so clearly, that I can’t seem to figure out how they miss them!

Clearly, parking at Worland High School is really great. These three things are the major things that are so great about the parking. I think they have done a great job painting over the very faded parking lines. I also enjoy getting to school later than everyone else, and having to park in the furthest spot. Of those, however, I enjoy the big trucks the most. I love when they take up more than one spot, and I have to take time to find another spot. In the end, parking at WHS is probably the best parking you could find in the town of
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