A Descriptive Essay: The Beautiful State Of Colorado

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Colorado If 5,000,000 plus people come to see mountains and streams,it must be a beautiful state. What’s the state you may wonder? Its Colorado! The state does have a lot of people. Plus the mountains are very beautiful. Furthermore there are ten cities. The state is big, they get billions of dollars each year. In 2010 the state of Colorado reported that the state has 5,000,000 plus people living there. In fact “Colorado ranks 22nd in population among the 50 states” (world book “Colorado”). As a result of it being ranked so high, the state must have a lot of money. Another reason it’s population can affect economy is “Service industries account for the the largest portion of Colorado’s employment” ( world book “Colorado”). The reason why…show more content…
Additionally “during winter, skiers visit famous Colorado ski resorts” ( world book “Colorado”). This clearly is one reason why the 2 million people that visit each year might want to stay a little longer in the state. Another reason Colorado could attract a lot of people is “ campers their on forested mountains slopes or near beautiful streams” ( world book “Colorado”). This could also attract people because, in the quote it state that they “pitch tents up on mountains slopes or near beautiful streams” ( world book “Colorado) that sounds pretty attracting to me. In conclusion they are many ways and things that could attract people in Colorado. Colorado has 10 cities that are pretty big, in fact Denver is the largest and is the capital city. “ In order of size, Denver, Colorado springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Thornton, Pueblo, Arvada, Westminster, and Centennial” (world book “Colorado”).In other words, Denver is the biggest city in the state. Also “ A seven member Board Of Education runs Denver’s public school system” (world book “ Colorado” ), plus “ Denver is the home of several colleges” (world book “ colorado “). This explains why it’s the biggest city it has very good
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