A Descriptive Narrative Essay

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Abigail Hunsinger
Student ID:1111832
English 1210
August 23, 2014

Morning dew still clings to the spring grass as I slowly walk through the field toward the old wood barn where I know hungry horses are waiting. I slide open the heavy doors, they squeak and creak as they run along the rusted track and I am greeted by the happy but eager to eat neighing and blowing of horses locked in their stalls. I step inside and the smell of fresh hay, worn leather, manure and horse offer a welcoming familiar scent. I open the feed room, cut the twine holding the sweet smelling hay together, and begin to feed the horses. My favorite quirky pony sticks his head out of his stall and greets me as I carry hay towards him. He politely backs away from his stall door so I can toss the hay to him and he excitedly begins to eat before I walk away. While the horses eat, the barn is still and peaceful, it’s paradise. The tranquility doesn’t last long as the fastest of eaters are finished quickly and ready to be let out. I work my way from the first stall back to the last, letting some of the calmer horses out two at a time. My favorite goes out last, when I open his stall door he knickers and nuzzles my hand is if saying hello. He follows me out to the field, so loyal he doesn’t even need to be lead and when I shut the gate he happily trots towards the rest of the horses. The grass is no longer wet and it’s beginning to get warm, I walk back to the barn as now it’s time for work to begin. I
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