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For a long time social media has been a part of society 's influence for negative body image. The individuals who are more influence generally speaking, are teenagers through the age of young adult women and men. Their faced daily with the Internet, magazines, and television. Depending on how self-conscious the person may be, all of this disposer to the media could lead them down the road to having depression and disordered eating structures. Even though it is true some social media and television entertainment promotes self-love and acceptance, there is an equal to or more than amounts of promoters for body shame over certain body types, suggesting that we change ourselves to fit in if we don 't already look the part. That being said, I will address how social media, peers, magazines, and television can impact young individuals in a negative way. Through that I will stress my point that social media should promote self-acceptance and show more love to all body types. In the American heart Association Journal, it is stated that young women as well as young men spend on average more than 34 hours per…show more content…
In the novel “A Different Me”, a girl named Allie Johnson has always wanted a nose job. She can 't express how bad she wants it to anyone, and then one day while on the Internet, she finds two girls in the chat room who end up feeling the same way. When it comes time for Allie to get her nose done, she has to come to the conclusion whether it is necessary or not. Allie then goes through with the nose job, and everything turns out right for her, but she doesn 't feel right inside. In the novel Allie says, "it 's just what I want to try dwelling less on perfection work at Google map in the ways of finding out who I am” (p260).This proves that even though Allie obsessed over her nose and wanted to change it so much, in reality she just didn 't know who she was or what she stood for in life. This is something that many young men and women go through

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