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When people think about opportunities and realization of their dreams, people associate these factors with America. In the mid 1800s, many groups of people from around the world venture to America in hopes of becoming one day rich. This dream was put into action because of the overwhelming stories of people returning home wealthy. However, what was not mention was the incredible hardships that await. Many immigrants at the time face discrimination and abuse, due to the white people’s fear of conquest. Despite these hardships, America is the land of opportunity because: with enough effort and hardwork it leads to prosperity, it provides an escape from hardships in other countries, and people are able to live more comfortable and content lives.…show more content…
The main reason the Chinese came to America was to prosper, but there was also an alternative motive, to escape from a war torn China. As mentioned in Takaki 's book A Different Mirror, it says “Many sought sanctuary from intense conflicts in China caused by the British Opium Wars” (Takaki, 192). China’s lost in the British Opium War weaken its defenses, and many other countries followed Britain taking over trade ports. This led to a weaken economy mentioned in A Different Mirror, which states “Harsh economic conditions also drove Chinese migrants to seek survival in America. Qing government imposed high taxes on peasant farmer; unable to pay these taxes, many of them lost their lands” (Takaki, 192). This demonstrates the unfavorable conditions for the Chinese in their own mainland and thus leaving them no choice but to seek well-being in America. Even if the Chinese stayed, they would up being targets of abuse by other countries. On the contrary, some may say that in America the Chinese faced discrimination, but even with these violations America had jobs to offer the Chinese. The Chinese were still being paid and were able to live…show more content…
The American dream is the concept that in America people can live happily and plentiful lives. In a 1933 New York Times newspaper it stated, “It is partly that, having no money to spend, they have found again many simple forms of happiness which cost nothing” (Adams). During the great depression, the american people would able to achieve happiness without having so much, that help keep the American Dream alive. People learn to adapt to society with the freedom they are given and nourish the happiness of a family. In addition, the Japanese education also enriched the idea of happiness in America. As mentioned in the book A Different Mirror by Ronald Takaki, “They also heard stories describing America as “heavenly,” and some of the picture brides were more eager to see the new land than to meet their husbands” (Takaki, 249). This addresses the fact that people associate happiness with America because it offers so much more for those in poor conditions. In some countries, a family can’t even live in happiness together because of the harsh conditions their government impose upon them. In China for example, people have their land and practically everything taken away from them because of the poor government protection. While in Japan, the japanese were undergoing a battle against outside influence because of their forced agreement to open their doors to the world.

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