A Distraction In The Classroom: Mobile Phones

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A Distraction in the Classroom: Mobile Phone Mobile phones play an important role in everyday life as one of the biggest part of communication network. Nowadays, it does not matter how old or young they are, everyone carries his mobile phone in his pocket. Under these circumstances, it is impossible that students do not bring their mobile phones to schools and do not use their phones during lectures. Since the effects of the use of mobile phone in classroom are discussed by researchers, the purpose of this paper is to give information about problems of the use of mobile phones in classroom and solutions about these problems. The aim of the study conducted by Tindell and Bohlander (2012) is to investigate the students’ manner about mobile phone usage in college and its frequency in the classroom. The data were collected from 269 college students and a survey contained 26 questions was asked to the participants through an online system. The results indicated that 92% of the participants have sent or received a text message in classroom at least once or twice. Almost half of the participants expressed that instructors are unaware of how much texting occurs during lectures. In addition, if the instructor do not care about class and focuses on the lecture, students can easily text in the classroom. 90% of the participants stated that, in crowded classes, sending or receiving text message without being noticed is very easy. 10% of the students’ answers indicated that they can
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