Diva's Christmas Carol Character Analysis

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The another place where we see the timeless theme of change is in the movie A Diva’s Christmas Carol is how Ebony Scrooge’s actions change dramatically to show that he transitions from a not very happy man to one that is generous, compassionate, and kind hearted. The first place in the movie A Diva’s Christmas Carol is when we see Ebony, the main character, is visited by her former friend and backup singer, Marli. When Marli She tells Ebony that she was unhappy with her for leaving her alone during her slight struggles with drugs which ultimately led to her death in a car crash. She also notes that Ebony took advantage of her unfortunate death to turn their singing group into a solo act, starring Ebony. Another topic touched on in this conversation…show more content…
You could definitely see the slight hesitation of Ebony when she thought about her “hallucination”, considering if it was real, and if she should change. Another place where we can see Ebon’s actions showing her emotional change is when the spirit of Christmas present brings her to her bandmates’ hotel rooms and shows her what they are doing and what they are talking about. Ebony is shown her bandmates bad mouthing her, commenting that she is cheap and mean because she couldn’t afford to accommodate them in even a decent hotel. The spirit of Christmas present also shows her her accountant, Ernie, staying with his girlfriend, telling her that he could be so good to her because he skimmed a bit of money from Ebony’s profits, keeping bonuses for himself. Understandably, this angers Ebony, and notes that she would fire him at the nearest chance possible. Then, she sees Bob Cratchit. He is on the phone with his wife who is telling him that if he doesn 't get home soon, his son Tim may not be spared. As Ebony watches, she visibly softens and later can be seen that she changed at that very
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