A Diver's Paradise Poem Analysis

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Our assignment was to go to and look for a poem to review. The poem I chose was A Diver's Paradise by Barbra Cadogan. The poem is a very interesting point of view of the ocean and it's inhabitances with imagery, metaphors, and personification. I like this poem more than the others poems on the website because it made me nostalgic of my summer trips.
A Diver's paradise is about the ocean, it talks about it's fauna and flora with well strung together sentences that make you feel like you there taking a swim. For example stanza two line 2-3 "a school of angel fish quickly shish by as swift as fin and tail would done." I can imagine those quick angel fish gliding by.
As I might have mentions the author use quite a lot of imagery to
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She give the sentience, not on a human scale but definitely more innovative than normal fish are. One example of this happening is "to catch a glimpse, a glimpse of you; a stranger to their world." Normal when fishes see people they don't pay them any attention unless they pose as a threat but in the poem the fish seem to acknowledge the diver and are even curious to see the diver and notices that they're not apart of their world like they have an understand of what people are.
Another way that Cadogan use words to show how she see the ocean and it's creatures is by using metaphors like "With lighting speed they seem to fly through their underwater world sky." It's comparing the fishes swimming to flying and the ocean they live in as a sky. Her use of metaphor help describe more of her underwater world.
I think Barbra Cadogan's A Diver's Paradise was a interesting read compared to lot of the other poem on the site. I personally enjoyed reading it. I think the poem good due to the fact that the purpose of the poem was to describe the ocean and the beauty inside of it Which think the author did a re great job doing. Plus all of the stanza had a nice rhyming scheme, well written, and made you feel like you are there watching. I really like this poem and I wouldn't change a thing. I think the poet did a great
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