A Dog's Purpose Character Analysis

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Supporting Character in A Dog’s Purpose
In Bruce Cameron’s novel A Dog 's Purpose, a dog experiences different lives in order to find his purpose. Each owner that the dog lives with helps him form into a well rounded dog. The main supporting character in one of Bailey’s lives is Ethan. Ethan is depicted as a fun-loving boy who, throughout the novel, grows into a mature teenager. Although Ethan does not realize it, he will be the biggest influence on Bailey throughout his lives. He teaches Bailey about his purpose in life by introducing Bailey to other animals, creating an emotional bond with him, and having Bailey save his life or protect him.
To begin with, Ethan introduces Bailey to other animals. He teaches Bailey that one of his many purposes in life is to show dominance towards other animals. When introducing Bailey to his first animal Ethan says, “Bailey, I want you to meet Smokey the cat”(70). Ethan plays an important role in Bailey’s life. He introduces Bailey to the world around him and shows him how to be powerful and confident when he is
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His role is to teach Bailey that no matter the situation, as a dog, his purpose is to protect his owner. When Ethan dives into a lake Bailey plummets in after hims and says, “I could sense Ethan lying motionless. I gripped his collar in my jaws and headed for air”(97). Without thinking, Bailey dives in to save his owner 's life. He loves Ethan and would do anything for him. When Ethen is home alone and fears that someone is trying to beakr in Bailey shows his fearlessness and urge to protect his owner again and says, “ The boy was sitting stiffly upright, his head cocked. ‘Did you hear a noise?’ he whispered at me”(111). Bailey shows that he can easily read his owner. As the event continues, Bailey leads Ethan into each room. He is ready to stand guard and protect Ethan if it is
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