A Dog's Way Home Analysis

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The phrase “man’s best friend” describes dogs for their loyalty and companionship with humans through life. The book A Dog’s Way Home by Bobbie Pyron is a heartwarming example of this phrase which shows a strong bond of love between a young girl and her dog. Little 11-year-old Abby and her Shetland sheepdog, Tam, have always been together from the beginning and their relationship was something more than just great friends. However, the day that they got into a car accident was also the day drifted them apart. The separation was as though all stars have fallen out of the sky and nothing would ever be right again. To come back home to each other, there would be challenging obstacles waiting ahead of their way.
The horrible car accident happened when Abby, her mother, and Tam were on the way home to North Carolina from a competition in Virginia. During that time, Tam’s crate fell down a mountainside when the car bumped headlong into a large tree. Tam miraculously managed to get out of the crate before drowning in a mountain stream, but he’s carried far away from the accident scene where no one could find him. Abby and her mother were still alive after the accident, yet
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An interesting storyline with friendly themes such as friendship, hope and never give up, attract all ages, most likely kids, and certainly please many adults too. After reading this book, I find myself relating to Abby about the feelings of missing a “best friend” and hope to see each other again someday. Moreover, Bobbie Pyron alternates between Abby’s perspective (in the first person) and Tam’s perspective (in the third person) in every chapter to demonstrate how these two main characters are desperately trying to find the way back to one another. The readers could easily see the descriptive views of things that happened in the story through her simplistic and comprehensible, but also idiomatic and full of imagery writing
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