A Doll House And Trifles Comparison Essay

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In comparing and contrast both drama A Doll House by (Henrik Ibsen), and Trifles by (Susan Glaspell). The authors shine a light on how a woman had no place in society in the nineteenth century .A woman place was in her home and her responsibility’s consist of taking care of her husband, her children and her home. Mrs. Wright was introduce to the reader as woman that was held for murdering her husband after a long time of abuse. Nora was introduce to the reader as woman that had everything in life. However both woman had endured abuse and are victims of a male dominated society. Nora the wife of a banker and a mother of three children seem to have it all. Her family lives in a fancy well-furnished home and they seems to well of financially, and her husband loved her very much. However the reader soon find out that he is an egotistical controlling man that sees Nora as an absent minds child. Although he tends to put her in a pedestal he feels that she is incapable of doing thing for …show more content…

Wright both are victims of a male dominated society they were both abuse by their husband. Nora was mentally oppressed and Mrs. Wright was physically oppressed by the men that claimed love for them. Nora was treated like a doll wife while Mrs. Wright was treated like a prisoner. However because it is a male dominated society the abuse was not punishable by any law, the woman were expected to take it according to society. In the plays Trifles and A Doll House the reader can see the portrayal of a male society and the way women are where dominated and abused by their husband in the nineteenth century. In A Doll House Nora’s Husband Treats her as if she is and absent minds doll wife that is incapable of thinking for herself. In Trifles Mrs. wright is a woman that have been oppressed and abuse by her husband for so many year that she need to escape one way or another. The woman in the play both took steps to gain there independence in society by any means

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