A Doll's House Nora Character Analysis Essay

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Analysis of the Character Nora in the “A Doll’s House” Play The play “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen, portrays many different characters with different sides to themselves. A quote by Kurt Vonnegut writes “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be;” this shows us that everyone pretends to be someone, which means the characters in the play have a good chance of pretending to be someone else whom they are not. mInevitably, not every character can show each one of their sides, but rather, it has to be interpreted. Nora, to be specific, has a completely contradictory side to herself that we later discover in the play. Nora masks her mature-self underneath her childlike personality in order to appear as the positive, …show more content…

“Is that my lark twittering there” and “Is it the squirrel frisking around” can be great examples for the word choice Torvald uses towards Nora (1.13). Along with calling Nora his “Little spendthrift” Torvald objectifies Nora which creates an image of power and submissiveness. Degenerated word choice for women has been used throughout the play. As if, a woman is less of a man; “And it is just by pleading his cause that you make it impossible for me to keep him. It’s already known at the Bank that I intend to dismiss Krogstad. If it were now reported that the new manager let himself be turned round his wife’s little finger” …show more content…

Nora begins the play as a childlike character who is always happy and grateful; only afterwards we find out that she has a big secret that adds more maturity to the character. In a way, she shows us the span of life; you begin as a child and mature, as secrets get heavier which then causes you to figure out your personality. Nora has been manipulated, has manipulated throughout the play. The whole play was about her actions and consequences. This book shows the readers what it means to grow

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