A Doll's House Essay

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One of the greatest things about history is that you can look back on it and see all the changes and events that has brought us here where we are today. One change in history that is still evolving even today would be the role of women. In the play, A Doll’s House, the protagonists known as Nora, and her friend Mrs. Linde, lead a role on how women were treated and expected to behave during the era the play was created. The ideal image of a woman in the past would not fit with the ideal image of a woman in today’s modern society (at least in some countries). Even though A Doll’s House dates back to the year 1879, it is still relevant in the society we live in today. Critic Shannon Cron makes the point well: “In 1879, critics saw Nora’s actions…show more content…
This was definitely not expected in the upper class households during that time seeing as how that is every woman’s dream lifestyle. A fancy house, kids growing up in a well nurtured, sheltered home and a successful husband. A critic known as Amalie Skram, a journalist who wrote in the 1800’s described A Doll’s House as a “warning.” Amalie described this play as a warning because although Nora had the courage and strength to leave her home, it was not a wise decision at the time. Skram also believed that Nora leaving was a bad influence to society because it will teach women to be “irresponsible” and “will forget all her duties.” In today’s modern society, some feminists support this act, seeing how it is “a rebellion against the prevailing patriarchal values,” while others suggest that A Doll’s House is not a feminist play as the feminist movement did not occur until the late 1960’s and late early 70’s, this is referred to as anachronism (Wheeler). Even though feminism was not fully established, feminists can not take away the fact that this play displayed an act of feminism under the laws is patriarchy, it can not be
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