A Doll's House Money Essay

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Money plays a very important role in the play A Doll’s House. Life of each character in this play has been depended upon money and power. One of the reasons why money plays such a significant role in A Doll’s House is because of the crime Nora secretly commits by forging her father’s signature for a loan. The play circles around this secret of Nora’s forgery and her fear of Trovald, her husband, finding out what she had done. Since the beginning of the play, Nora’s focus has always been on money. When her husband Trovald asks her what she wanted for Christmas she says “You could give me money. Then I could hang the bills in pretty gilt paper on the Christmas tree.” (Ibsen 1711) He calls Nora a spendthrift. Nora in this play is the “doll” a possession that belongs to Trovald and he treats her like one too. He Does not take Nora’s concerns of feelings into much consideration. Nora consents to this kind of behavior for the sake of again, economics albeit she dislikes her role.

Mrs Linde, a very old friend of Nora, comes to visit her after 8 long years. Nora tells her how sorry she was about her husband’s passing and first thing she asks her after that is “has
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She values money, but for completely different reasons than Nora does. She knows how it is to live without having much of it. So when Nora asks her “Wouldn’t it be lovely to have stacks of many and a care in the world?” (Ibsen 1714) Mrs Linde replies “it would be lovely to have enough for necessities” (Ibsen 1714). She understands the importance of money because she had to work really hard for it all her life. Mrs Linde explains Nora how she had to get married to someone she didn’t love because she needed money to save her ill mother and take care of her two young brothers. And after her husband died, she had to work in a small shop for three years to support her family. Nora on the other hand married Trovald for money too, but with different
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