A Dream Deferred Essay

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A Dream NOT deferred I think the use of the term “American Dream” is super outdated. The “American Dream” concept is just being fully content with yourself and your life. And I feel like for most people, that’s really hard to achieve. Being content involves being content with your life, the people in it and your mental and emotional state. Nowadays, I feel like people consider the American dream to be more involved with materialistic things like money, the newest iPhone and stuff like that. The “American Dream” for our class is to achieve the life that makes you feel content. Our classes definition can be interpreted in different ways, and I don’t include materialistic things in my definition to the American dream. In my life, one thing that I will never do is let my dream die like it does in “A Dream Deferred” by Langston Hughes. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had this vision of myself. And that vision is to be genuinely happy with my life, the people in and and my mental and emotional state. So far, I haven’t been successful with achieving any of those, but in high school, I feel like it’s hard to…show more content…
Going into the entertainment industry after graduation is going to be difficult enough, not including the fact that I may or may not be if content with myself and my life. Out in Los Angeles, it’s not going to be a joke. I either get my life together or I don’t. It’s just terrifying that there is so much uncertainty going into the real world. They don’t teach us any of that in high school. Everything is sugar-coated and untrue. It’s not until senior year that people explain to you that the world is an awful and unfair place and then it’s too late, because you’re already set in your ways. My American dream, related to “Harlem (A Dream Deferred” by Langston Hughes tells me that I don’t want to see my dream turn into any of the things listed in that poem:
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