A Dystopian Novel: The Handmaid's Tale

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The Handmaid´s Tale is a popular dystopian novel by the author Margaret Atwood. Atwood tells a story about a not too distant future. The Handmaid´s Tale visits a large range of issues relating to power, gender, religious politics, pollution, and fertility issues. In Gilead, women´s bodies are politicized and restrained. Gilead is a place where you are surrounded by rules that must be obeyed because of the fear of the torture that will be received. In The Handmaid´s Tale, there is a strict dress code similar to some countries where religions force women to cover themselves up so they do not “provoke” men. The novel was written in 1985 and is set in the near future. Although the novel, The Handmaid´s Tale does not exactly portray how the world…show more content…
The Handmaids Tale was written in 1985 and is a very popular novel today. The reason for why it is so popular is because of the similarities from the novel to how the world is now. Margaret Atwood envisioned how the world would be now and it is very similar to what she had in mind. She imagined that the world know would be full of pollution, toxic chemicals, radiations and other environmental issues that would be caused mostly because of wars. She was right on some levels. In the novel, we see slut shaming and victim blaming which is too real in this world know. She wrote about fertility issues which are not quite as extreme as she might have thought but that might just be where we are heading. Then there is the clear way the government and the people in charge use methods to scare people in behaving and following the rules. Of course they feel they have to use some sort of approach to show power and to show who is in charge. They belief that these methods help maintain the strict rule of the Gilead Regime. The Handmaid´s tale is definitely a very popular novel today and that is because of how relevant it is now. Atwood seemed to have written the novel as a warning about a possible future and she intended her novel to reflect a harsh reality. Some say that it is more relevant now than ever
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