A Familial Survival And Love Story In Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

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A Familial Survival and Love Story: In 2006, Cormac McCarthy wrote The Road in which he explored how an unnamed father and son tried to survive a post apocalypperiod through an unidentified area. McCarthy, in his story “The Road” focuses mostly on thetic views of the father and son as they look out for each other with struggling hope of finding humanity and an end to the unknown dreadful holocaust. Although the no-named father and son are in a time of a post apocalyptic period, their unconditional love for one another does not diminish. Throughout McCarthy’s novel, he uses many different literary techniques to effectively express the love between the father and son. Some of these techniques are, through setting, character and plot which create this powerful love story which creates a bond with the reader. Without this familial love between father and son, their adventures on the road would not last long. Throughout the novel, a literary technique McCarthy uses to effectively support the theme of a father 's unconditional love for his son is through character. During his novel, the characters were very important for the development of the theme. The protagonists of the story were the Father and Son and almost all of the book was written around these two people and how they loved each other while struggling to survive. At the start of the novel during the post apocalyptic period, the father and son began their journey to the coast in hopes of finding humanity and to show

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