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After completing a family analysis and assessment with various models, I would like to reflect on how I can better utilize these tools in my future and gain a better understanding of family centered care. I will be using the Rolfe, Freshwater, & Jasper (2001) model to complete my reflection and weigh the pros and cons of assessing the family with the Calgary Family Assessment Model, the genogram, and the ecomap.

I started making the genogram first, this was probably the most laborious part of the assignment. Getting used to the computer programming took the majority of the time. After the initial struggle to gain momentum, the project became much easier and the ecomap was created more naturally than the genogram. After completing these visual
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The genogram and the ecomap positively impacted my new perspective on the family. They provided an organized display of the family patterns and vulnerabilities. The genogram contributed to a more detailed representation of the family structure and the relationships within the family. The ecomap contrasted this by providing a resource to observe the external factors that cause stress or support for the family. The ecomap can be compared to the social determinants of health and the domino effect that one social determinant of health can have on the others (Kozier, et al.). Just like a negative social determinant of health, the stressors in the ecomap influence and produce other stressors. I think the ecomap illustrates a clear path towards reducing the stressors in the family and identifying the source of the problems. These tools helped me learn the importance of a comprehensive family assessment. It would have been difficult to link the relationship between the stressors and family patterns had it not been for the genogram and the ecomap. The CFAM had a similar impact on my perspective and…show more content…
I think that this will give me a more objective point of view. However, I will bring this experience forward into my nursing career. Family dynamics are worth understanding whether the whole family is being cared for or not because the family plays a major role in patient care and support. Therefore, it is crucial to know as much about the family dynamics as possible. I think that the ecomap will also be a quick and practical tool that I can use to determine the best discharge care planning for a patient. Understanding the struggles in their environment, and which stressors need to be dealt with first is very important to the client's ability to function at home. Although I can't picture a situation where I might use the genogram explicitly in that format, I do believe that knowing the relationships that your patient has with their family is very important. If there is someone who directs negative energy or is hostile to your patient, then chances are the patient doesn’t want to see them. This may not always be the case, but it should always be considered when respecting the privacy and health of the

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