A Family In Silko's Yellow Woman

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In Silko’s “Yellow Woman”, I believe most readers may firstly wonder why the main female character leaves her family and decides to stay with a strange man for several days. She didn’t know any thing about him, except for his name “Your name is Silva and you are a stranger…” (Silko, 368), but she still wanted to be with him and followed him to his place. The reader may also question if she is a bad person because she goes with another man when she has her family, and especially her baby is too young. However, Silko doesn’t let us wait too long for the answer when the “Yellow Woman” reveals how her family is like when she disappears. Her telling voice seems to be normal as if her family doesn’t really care about her disappearance “my mother and grandmother will raise the baby like they…show more content…
Al will find someone else…” (Silko, 371). In the other hand, Silko lets reader knowledge about the attention and the care of the strange man to this “Yellow Woman”: “I didn’t mind him watching me because he was always watching me” (Silko, 369). Even though the reader is not told many things about her family, Silko gives us many chances to feel the warmth when she was with that strange man: “I thought about Silva, and I felt sad at leaving him… I wanted to go back to him-to kiss him and to touch him” (Silko, 374). Because of this, most readers will not have a comfortable feeling upon her coming back home. In “Two Kinds”, Amy Tan is telling a story about the girl facing high expectations from her mother. Most readers may feel pitiful for her because her mother forces her to do things that she doesn’t like. Tan shows the readers that the girl has the same normal thinking ways as
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