A Farewell To Arms Character Analysis Essay

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A Farewell to Arms delves into the world of Frederic Henry and the affairs and difficulties he has to deal with as an ambulance driver for the Italian Army in World War One. We find ourselves scrounging over the details trying to figure out exactly who Frederic Henry is and what makes him, him. Henry, although he may seem static, is very much a dynamic character due to his journey of self discovery where he learns of love, emotion, and religion. Henry begins his journey in Italy as an ambulance driver. Although we are inside his head the entire time, we usually aren’t quite sure about how he feels. He’s a very closed off man and doesn’t let his emotions show to the others around him. It’s easy to see this throughout the entire novel. Henry…show more content…
He isn’t very revealing about his thoughts or feelings, and he only ever says enough to get his point across. He’s very reserved and even with Catherine, doesn’t like to let out his emotions. Henry says he loves the comfort of Catherine’s hair. This is yet another example of Henry simply covering up the bad with physical things. He believes in no religion, feels no love, and shows no emotion. Just like he covered up his problems with alcohol, he also uses the “cover” and comfort of Catherine’s hair to escape. It’s very easy to see how Henry has focused heavily on the physical pleasures of life, especially due to his lack of feelings. Because of all this, one might come to believe Henry is indeed a static character, but I feel that is not the truth. Henry learned many lessons about life throughout the timeline of the book and I feel these are the reasons he is a dynamic character. To begin, he first encountered the priest very early on in the story. The priest taught Henry about religion. The other men would always laugh and joke at the priest but Henry never did. Although it doesn’t make him instantly religious, it does seem that Henry keeps the thought of religion in the back of his head. This is just the beginning of Henry changing, and at this point, he has no clue he is even

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