A Farewell To Arms Character Analysis

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Drastic Changes in a Hero 's Life Throughout the novel, A Farewell to Arms, Henry had gone through a series of events that had left him wounded and scared. Hemingway allows the reader to see Frederic Henry’s drastic changes from the person he is at the start of the novel and to the person he has become. Frederic Henry’s attitude toward the war had changed during his injury and the aftermath of it all. Before, he wanted to know what was going on at all times. However, after his injury he was absolutely disgusted by even the thought of war. Henry had gone through some rough times with some of his comrades and lost many friendships all because of a certain lover whom goes by the name of Catherine Barkley. Frederic had only pretended to love Catherine and had no feeling, but lust for this woman, but over time their feelings for each others had grown immensely. The two of them care about nothing in the world except each other, not even their own unborn child. Frederic Henry had gone through traumatizing experiences throughout his lifetime and during all of this the changes in his actions and character are extravagant, losing his sight in everything that is important down to one thing that he finds is most precious and watching it all crumble in just a blink of an eye. Frederic Henry was a American ambulance driver in the Italian Army, he served in WWⅠ for three years. During those years, he had some traumatizing experiences that no man should ever witness or go through, but
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