A Farewell To Arms Dialectical Journal

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Passage 170: The kites had a beautiful voice as well as the swans. One day, they were enchanted with the sound on hearing the neigh of the horse. So they decided to imitate the horse. However, in the end, they not only didn’t learn to neigh but also forgot how to sing. To some uncertain benefits, the kites lost the treasure they had had. So, we shouldn’t be greedy and should know a contented mind is a perpetual feast. Passage 172: This story tells us: we should recognize our own ability. Don’t bite off more than one can chew. Sometimes, team partners are the key to succeed. We don’t fear the strong enemy but to fear the stupid companion. Without doubt, the foxes were clever. They keep in-between. They didn’t choose the weak as their partners and the strong as their enemy.…show more content…
In fact, on walking forward one step bravely, we would find a new world and find they are not fearful. In this story, the man was so frightened at the camel 's vast size that he ran away at first. Later, he found the camel were kind and meek. And he drove it. So we should have the courage to face the challenges. Passage178: Two blacks do not make one white. Both the stag and the wolf were unreliable and always robbed others. So when the stag asked the sheep to lend him a measure of wheat and said that the wolf was his surety, the sheep didn 't trust him. I think if the stag changed a surety, he would have the chance to get the food. But he chose one like himself. One robber had worried the sheep, moreover two robber. Passage179: Though the peacock had the best feathers, he can 't fly on the sky. Fine feathers don 't make fine birds. Maybe the peacock had the beautiful looks, but the crane had the inner beauty. And in my view, the crane was a kind of elegant and holy
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