A Farewell To Arms Ernest Hemingway Analysis

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Masculinity is not being seen the same way as it was seen many years ago. Today, as the world seems to be working towards promoting a more egalitarian and liberal approach, masculinity seems to be fading away. The most accurate description of masculinity would be the one given by the Cambridge dictionary, which says “The characteristics that are traditionally thought to be typical of or suitable for men.” Moving towards equality is a positive thing for society, but however, the real problem that is arising is that all things associated with masculinity are going to someday fade away, until there are too few of these characteristics that can be attributed to being called masculine. Earnest Hemingway has always been a very virile person, which has been shown through his work. A prime example of this is “Farewell to Arms”, in which he writes about war, love, duty and honor. This paper will evaluate how masculinity is a key distinguishing facet when it comes to succeeding with honor and duty. Firstly with a brief description of what masculinity is and what are its main elements and values in general term,than masculinity will be made a parallel with ‘’A farawell to arms.’’ Written by Ernest Hemingway.Secondly how the value duty manifests in general uses,than compared in with the values and actions from the book.Thirdly the value of courage will be explained and how it is demonstrated in the book itself.Before the conclusion a retrospection in other Hemingway 's work and life
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