A Farewell To Arms Essay

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War is Glory In the past, war has lead to hatred, violence, loss and death. Many have suffered from this mutiny and form of rebellion, but yet our nation continues to reside as war being the last option, when everything else fails. When our soldiers sacrifice themselves to go and fight in war, they do so with honor and courage. In Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms, he claims leaders provide inadequate reasons for war, soldier’s mindlessly follow orders and that their deaths achieve no purpose, which is incorrect. In order to become a leader, one must have authority in their judgment, a sense of respect, confidence and the proper knowledge required to command any army. Leadership is not just about gaining power,) His defeat of the Persian Empire prevented the spread of Greek settlements into the East, which proved his success in being a strong leader as well as righteous king. Hemingway believes that leaders are incompetent,…show more content…
military law, a soldier has the right to refuse an illegal order. Marine Sgt. Gary Stein would not follow orders, and soon enough others joined in. The soldier’s whom believed the order to be unlawful refused to participate due to their belief on what was right and what was wrong. Moreover, Hemingway claims that soldier’s mindlessly act on the orders they are given, which is not accurate in this case. In the poem “What I Will” by Suheir Hammad introduces the idea of war and sacrifice. Soldiers are trained to respond actively without judgment or rejection to their instructed orders although; they will not Following an order announced to soldiers is expected, especially during war, however, certain rules may be passed a soldier’s tolerance and they may feel the need to reject such a command. Suheir expresses her views towards war by implying that she is not most people and will not take part or join in with other people because they can be wrong, therefore concluding that soldiers will not blindly follow unlawful
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