A Farewell To Arms Literary Analysis

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In the novel “A Farewell to Arms”, the author distributes several foreshadows within the story. Frederic is a male character who demonstrates the meaning of the title of the novel, “A Farewell to Arms”. He takes prior of what he thought was better for himself than what was best for the society. All of his selfish attitudes and actions causes trouble. Specifically, through Catherine 's and their baby’s death, justifies his actions. A minor character 's death, such as Catherine’s former fiancé, the fleeing Italian ambulance driver, and the alcohols foreshadowed the tragical end of Catherine’s death. Furthermore, the frequent rainfalls in the text symbolized the death in the ending as well. Several of foreshadowings and symbolism used in the novel strongly emphasizes the shocking ending.

Catherine and Frederic feel restless during the war. They are both under the risk of dying by the opponents countries’ attack and, has a high chance being left. Both of the characters are afraid of being alone. As a result, after Catherine 's death, there is nothing left for Frederic. Catherine’s former fiancé foreshadowed this situation early in the texts. After her fiancé had gone on to the war front, she has left nothing. “They blew him all to bits." (Hemingway 83) as Catherine describes his death, nearly leaving nothing for her. The war had taken all of what Catherine needed in her life all at once. To fill her loneliness, she identifies Frederic as her former fiancé after his death. As
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