A Fearless Hero: Odysseus As A Terrific Hero

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When a person thinks of a true hero, they probably think of famous, strong, brave, and a great leader. Odysseus is undoubtedly a hero because he is a fearless leader towards his crewmen. He is also brilliant and inspires everyone around him. Although, some readers argue that Odysseus is self-centered and stubborn. In many people’s opinion, Odysseus is a terrific hero because of his determination and how strong and brave of a leader he was.

Indeed, Odysseus is a hero because he is a brave leader. An example of Odysseus being brave is when he reached Ithaca and defeated the suitors. This shows how a hero should put themselves first before their people in dangerous situations. Odysseus also overcame the temptation of the sirens by putting wax
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In book 9, Odysseus plays a trick on Polyphemus to escape. He told Polyphemus his name was No Man, and that his father calls him No Man as well. This was an intelligent way to help him and his men with an escape plan. Penelope, the wife of Odysseus, is an essential person in his life. Penelope is one of the reasons Odysseus is coming home. When he finally comes back, she is not sure Odysseus is himself. Odysseus uses his bed he sleeps on as an example to show her it is him. He told her exactly how he made his bed which started with a young olive tree and how he built his bedroom around this tree using walls of stone and a roof. Then, Odysseus drilled a hole down the middle of the tree using it as a center post of his bed. Lastly, he stretched a hide of leather from one side to the other. Odysseus told this story exceptionally well as Penelope was weeping and flew herself to him and kissed him. Odysseus was intelligent in how he proved it was him to Penelope. On page 83 of The Odyssey, Odysseus says, “My plan was to tie three sheep together and put a man under the middle sheep.” This is an extraordinary example of how original his plans are for him and his crewmen to

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