A Few Good Men Analysis

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‘A Few Good Men’ tells the tale of U.S. Navy lawyers, Lieutenant Commander Joanne Galloway, Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee, and Lieutenant Sam Weinberg, defend their clients, two U.S Marines, Lance Corporal Dawson and Private Downey. The two marines have been accused of killing fellow Marine, Private Santiago, at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. Private Santiago was considered “troublesome” amongst the other Marines causing base commander, Colonel Jessup to take action and request for Santiago’s removal from that base to another. However, Lieutenant Kaffee’s friend, Captain Jack Ross, takes on the prosecuting team to prosecute Marines Dawson and Downey to give justice to the fallen Private Santiago. I watched this movie through the website…show more content…
A plea bargain is one of the most commonly accepted practices in the criminal justice system. It is said that ninety percent of all court cases end in a plea deal. In the beginning of the film, Lieutenant Commander Galloway wanted to acquire the Private Santiago murder case; however, it was given to the chronically lazy Lieutenant Kaffee. Galloway was all for taking the case in an attempt to prove Marines Dawson and Downey were innocent of murdering Private Santiago but, were conducted to perform a “Code Red” ordered by their commander. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Kaffee had never participated in a court trial. Kaffee has the habit of arranging plea bargains instead of going to trial, as a way to escape trial to not live up the expectations of his father. Eventually, Kaffee and Captain Jack Ross negotiate a deal for both to serve a six month prison sentence, but Dawson and Downey disagreed with the offer. The two marines confessed they were ordered by another Lieutenant to shave Private Santiago’s head, although it was announced to the base Santiago should not be touched. With that confession, Kaffee, Galloway, and the third defendant Weinberg agreed to take the case to
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